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Favorite Things {Food Edition}

Who am I kidding. I LOVE to eat. I workout so that I can eat. Especially so I can eat dessert. I try to cook and bake as much as I can, but again, who am I kidding. I have a 17 month old…sometimes speed is necessary. That’s where my Favorite Things {Food Edition} comes into play. Here are 5 edible things I am loving right now:

1.) Healthy Choice Frozen Greek Yogurt: Holy Shmoly…these things are SO SO SO good! They are single serving FroYo’s from heaven. Each is 100 calories {when extra caramel sauce is NOT added…who would EVER do that đŸ˜‰ }. I have had the Blueberry and Vanilla Bean. Both are delicious and my kid would agree.

2.) Honey Maid Lil’ Squares: I have a problem with kid-sized snacks. If it’s small and cute, like my kid, I buy it. These are no exception. They are teeny,tiny graham cracker snacks. I bought them for E, but I have had my fair share. What I love most: they fit into his little snack cup!

3.) String Cheese: Nothing new, or exciting with this one. It is so simple and convenient though. Grab, extract from wrapper, eat. Quick snack for Mom when she realizes she forgot to eat, and great snack for E on the go. Did I mention they make GREAT teethers?! E can shove that sucker way back towards his molars!

4.) Earth’s Best Chicken Nuggets: My kid loves these. He probably will turn into a chicken nugget. I admit I have some mommy guilt when I feed him these all the time, but he can be picky. If I want him to eat, I better give him what he likes. I like that these are “healthier” than the other brands out there. If I had it all together I would make my own…but since I don’t…these are the next best thing!

5.) Nature Valley Granola Thins {Dark Chocolate}: Dark Chocolate and Granola = a match made in food heaven! These are one of my go-to snacks. I feel as if the granola cancels out the chocolate making it a healthy snack. Also the fact that they are only 80 calories also makes it a total score! Great for a pre- or post-workout treat!

What are your favorite snacks these days?