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Pump{k}in It Up – Cardio Workout

Pump{k}in It Up – Cardio Workout

Finally back at it!  Between no internet, a baby waking up before 5am, teaching classes, and trying to nap, there hasn’t been much blogging time!  I wish I was a night owl, but I am definately not!  Anyways…

There are only about 10 days til Halloween.  You know what that means right?!  Halloween candy is on sale ;)!  Like all the kiddos aren’t going to bring home enough – right?!  Well to keep that figure in tip top shape here is another workout for you.  Think of it as a jump statrt to keeping off those holiday pounds that often creep up on all of us.

I often use this format in my group cycling classes, but you can use it on any cardio equipment, or even outside.  Just follow the directions and have FUN!!!  And for all of you beginners…don’t freak…do what you can:)

Also, to help motivate all of you, Tabata type workouts are the Hot New Trend these days.  It is proven that “Tabata boosts not only your cardio-repiratory fitness, but your muscle power too.” {Carl Foster, Ph.D}  Double the benefit in less time!

Below you will find a printable of the workout.  Print it out and take it with you 🙂


Right Click and “Save As” for Printable






Running on Empty

Running on Empty


So, it’s no joke, I love to run.  I love to escape the world, the chores, the cries, and the responsibilities and just enjoy the world that God has created with my own two feet.  I find that this is my quiet time.  The time I can tap into God’s blessings, to pray, to worship, and to be in awe of Him.  On a recent run {that was less pleasant than desired} I began trying to shift my focus from the pain and suffering to something a little more inspirational.  I began to tell myself, “The voice you hear in your head that says you can’t do this is a liar.”  As I said this realized just how true this is in SO much more than just running.  Especially in faith.  How often do we let the enemy tell us we can’t do something?  How often do we let his lies overturn the blessing that God has for us? How many of His blessings are we missing because the enemy plants that seed of fear in our minds and hearts.  If I am honest with myself this has probably happened more often than I would like to admit.  I have been blessed with some amazing opportunities these past couple days and can already feel my default setting getting ready to fire up.

  • I can’t do this…
  • What do I have to offer…
  • Will they like me…
  • Is this really what You have for me…
  • All these people are so much more successful…

As these lies enter my mind I remind myself that “The voice you hear in your head that says you can’t do this is a liar.”  I refuse to let the enemy have one more blessing that the Lord has for me.  I decide to face my fears head on and be more intentional with God now than I have ever been!  BRING.IT.ON!

I challenge you to do something this week that is out of your comfort zone.  Something that God has been placing on your heart, but you have yet to committ to because of fear.  Just remember “The voice you hear in your head that says you can’t do this is a liar.”



Favorite Things {Workout Edition}


With fall slowly creeping around the corner you know what that means…winter is to follow. The dark mornings, snow, cold, and no more exercising outside…well limited outdoor activity. Nothing can subsitute a good outside run {for me}, so when I am feeling extra energetic I will bundle up the babe and head out rain, snow, or shine. However, for those days when I want to stay in the nice cozy walls of our home I have a few Go-To websites that have wonderful workouts.

1.) Tone it Up – Katrina and Karina are probably so cute they will make you sick. In three years they have built a HUGE online fitness community and been dubbed the “New Faces of Fitness” by Jane Fonda. They offer accountability through their website and TONS of free workouts, plus a monthly calendar to keep you on track. They also have a nutrition plan and DVD’s for purchase, but I seriously love these girls. Great workouts and if I turn out looking like them…AWESOME!

2.) Fit Fab Cities – Caitlin Murphy is the face behind this awesome site. She has GREAT fun, quick workouts that anyone can fit into their lifestyle. I know how busy life can be and will often grab on of these workouts when I am pressed for time. These are all printable and totally fun!

3.) Nike Training App – #1 thing it is FREE! I was so sad when I went from iPhone to Droid that I couldn’t get this app. I absolutely love it when I need a challenging workout. There are workouts from beginner to advanced and from toning to building muscle. Nike also adds bonus workouts from athletes as well…which again are free. The app has a countdown and cues you on all exercises.

4.) Mom’s Into Fitness – I credit Lindsay Brin with me getting my body back post baby. As anyone with a newborn knows it is exhausting and the closer you stay to home the better. She has some free workouts on her blog, but most of her stuff is for purchase. I used her prenatal DVDs for when I was knocked up and then her bootcamp DVDs post baby. She also has a workout portal where you can pay a monthly fee and have new workouts each month, which are all downloadable to your electronic device of choice. All the workouts are different. From HITT to yoga to circuit training, Lindsay mixes it up so your body is always challenged! Bonus: All the paricipants in the videos are moms!!!

Hope these help to keep the holiday calories at bay and everyone in shape during the chilly months ahead!


Find Your {Fit} – Marathon Momma

Find Your {Fit} – Marathon Momma

So, a little background on myself.  Fitness is my passion and was once a career.  I have a Bachelor and Masters degree in fitness, but was called to bigger and better things when I became a momma.  Now fitness is my release, my solace, and something that I do for me. 

I have done many athletic things in my day.  I have earned my black belt in TaeKwonDo, been a co-ed cheerleader through college and the professional level, ridden over 500 miles on my bike with my dad, done a handful of triathlons, and road runs.  I like challenges that keep me motivated, that challenge my body, and give you a high even when you are thinking you have to quit. 

My hope is that Find Your {Fit} will help motivate and inspire all mommas to keep or become fit. I look forward to sharing the things and people that have helped me along the way.  I look forward to having everyone along on the journey as I train for my first marathon that will take place almost exactly 1 year after my beautiful baby boy was born.  I will share the ups, downs, triumphs, and everything else in between!  I hope to answer any questions you have and to help YOU find your {fit}! 

Here is my marathon training schedule…to keep myself accountable: MARATHON 2012 🙂

Up All Night {Literally}

So, I am sure if you are a parent you may have tuned in to the new series, Up All Night, with Christina Applegate.  Let’s just say my husband wasn’t too thrilled with my excitement for this sitcom.  He thought it would hit too close to home with a newborn.  However, we began watching it and absolutely love it and can totally relate and I am pretty sure the other night it saved our marriage.

So this is how it all went down…

It had been a rough day with Baby E.  He had been very fussy and cranky and needy.  Let’s just say mommy didn’t get any “me” time.  I love my baby to death…but mommy goes a little  insane without any me time.  So, needless to say I was looking forward to the run my husband and I had planned post workday.  It was a beautiful 80 degree Colorado day and the last day for a nice run before we were supposed to get pounded with snow.  Slowly as the day went on, the more cranky the baby got, the more tired and cranky mommy got.  By the time runnin’ time got around I was exhausted and about as cranky as the baby. Since Baby E hadn’t napped well I figured what a perfect opportunity to get him to take a little cat nap…our RUN!  He loves the stroller and will usually fall asleep on our runs.  Perfect Plan!

Or So I Thought…

We head out the door around 530pm to run about 6 miles.  We first decided to do a 1.5 mile loop around the neighborhood to get the dog out.  Here is where it all falls apart.  To recap…grumpy baby = grumpy and tired wife.  Husband takes off…without looking back…with the dog.  I have grumpy baby, stroller and grumpy self.  I am thinking “we are supposed to be running together…this is going to be a long 6 miles.”  So, we get around the 1.5 mile loop and back to the house to put the dog back in and head out for our last 4.5 mile loop.  Husband takes the baby and we head out…we run together (thank God) and get about 1.5 miles into our loop…and Baby E starts howling!  So, I stop, take him out of the carseat and start to walk with him and he is happy as a clam.  I tell my husband that I am just going to head back since he seems to be unhappy. He knew how much I needed a run so he suggested we go a little further and then could cut in at the bridge if Baby E started to lose it again.  So, we pack baby back in the carseat and head back out.  So far, so good I am thinking…until another 1/2 mile or so and the screaming returns.  So, what did we do…take him out again and start walking…and walking…and walking…a whole mile home.  By this time it is getting dark, cold, and I am just grumpier than ever.  All of a sudden my husband goes…”this is totally something you would see on Up All Night…two adults…one carrying a baby…one pushing the stroller…in the pitch black.” I couldn’t help but laugh…it was such a “parenthood” situation.  Something that we will always be able to look back and laugh at.