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Running on Empty

Running on Empty


So, it’s no joke, I love to run.  I love to escape the world, the chores, the cries, and the responsibilities and just enjoy the world that God has created with my own two feet.  I find that this is my quiet time.  The time I can tap into God’s blessings, to pray, to worship, and to be in awe of Him.  On a recent run {that was less pleasant than desired} I began trying to shift my focus from the pain and suffering to something a little more inspirational.  I began to tell myself, “The voice you hear in your head that says you can’t do this is a liar.”  As I said this realized just how true this is in SO much more than just running.  Especially in faith.  How often do we let the enemy tell us we can’t do something?  How often do we let his lies overturn the blessing that God has for us? How many of His blessings are we missing because the enemy plants that seed of fear in our minds and hearts.  If I am honest with myself this has probably happened more often than I would like to admit.  I have been blessed with some amazing opportunities these past couple days and can already feel my default setting getting ready to fire up.

  • I can’t do this…
  • What do I have to offer…
  • Will they like me…
  • Is this really what You have for me…
  • All these people are so much more successful…

As these lies enter my mind I remind myself that “The voice you hear in your head that says you can’t do this is a liar.”  I refuse to let the enemy have one more blessing that the Lord has for me.  I decide to face my fears head on and be more intentional with God now than I have ever been!  BRING.IT.ON!

I challenge you to do something this week that is out of your comfort zone.  Something that God has been placing on your heart, but you have yet to committ to because of fear.  Just remember “The voice you hear in your head that says you can’t do this is a liar.”




A Whole New Year!

A Whole New Year!

Well the holidays are over and we are now officially 6 days into 2012.  Every year I try to make some “resolutions”, or goals, to focus on for the upcoming year, but I have a problem.  I like to perform…I am performance driven.  If things don’t go the way I have planned out I get discouraged.  By discouraged I mean I usually quit, give up, throw in the towel.  That is not how I want it to be…but if it isn’t done right {by my standards}…than why do it at all!  Throw a newborn into the mix, and well, nothing ever actually gets done…in a timely matter, or the way I would like.  So, my goal for 2012 is to be nicer to myself.  To cut myself some slack and to do what I can…after all that is all I can do right??  Along with that…here is what I would like to accompish in 2012 {I use the term like very loosely 🙂 }

1.)  Read the Bible {The whole thing}

2.) Actually be a consistent Blogger – this will be hard.  I LOVE to write on it…I LOVE to craft, but I have a hard time fitting it in.  It is probably last on my priority list.  However with the increased sleep I have been getting thanks to Baby E sleeping better {knock on wood} I feel like I could definately fit in more time.  I feel like I have a lot to offer other women and would love to just be able to bless, motivate, and inspire others. 

3.)  Do something for someone else once a month.  Have you ever noticed how great you feel after doing something for someone else??  I love to bless others and want to do that once a month.  Preferably to a stranger. 

4.) Run a marathon – for those of you that know me I am a fitness fanatic {one of the reasons I don’t have the time to blog is because I usually use the time I have to workout 🙂 }  however, I have had to rearrange fitness into my life with a baby.  I still get it done, just not as consistently as before.  So, I would like to make a committment to run a marathon {or another 1/2} in 2012…for myself.  To make myself take time just for me!  Running {or cycling}  is a refuge for me.  It is solace in the craziness of life.  I can focus on God’s Country and his abundant blessings in my life.  I get to zone out, not change dirty diapers, sing nursery rhymes or calm a cranky baby and when I am done I feel invincible.  Re-reading this just makes me smile!

5.) Make something Crafty Once a Week – I get a little overexcited sometimes…especially now with Pinterest.  My Things I Will Make board currently has enough things to make up until I die.  However, I love to create.  It makes me feel good and happy inside.  So, instead of getting overwhelemed with things I want to make and then giving up on making anything.  I would love to focus on one project a week…or month depeneding on how much time the project takes.  Especially with my new Silhouette…my wheels are turning!

Alright…I think 5 is PLENTY.  I will keep you all updated on how my New Years “resolutions” are going.  And to any of you veteran Bloggers, with children…how do you make it work????  All advice welcomed!!