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It’s the Little Things…

It’s the Little Things…

Maybe it’s something in the water, but Small Fox has had a case of the grumps lately. Mr. Fox and I joke that he is a Terrorist and you are scared to be around him. His constant screaming, crying, and whining has pushed every single button I knew I had and he is only 15 months…can’t imagine when Small Fox is Two. Please pray for us all!!!

As I sit here in the quiet house and look at the monitor as he sleeps, I miss him! Despite his screaming, whining, and craziness I miss him. I want to just crawl into his crib and snuggle him all up! It’s all those little things…

His sheer joy while watching me play fetch with our dog Oliver
When he quietly whispers Daddy when I am telling him to say Mama
His love of the shower
His “monster” face
His babbling as if telling me about his day
When he sits down to “read” his favorite book
His open mouthed kisses
His full contact hugs
The way he shoves his blankie between his pacifier and his face just before he sleeps
His giggle and belly laugh
His facination with putting the dog’s food into the dog’s water bowl
The way he loves me…with all is heart

I couldn’t imagine my life without the little booger and I need to remind myself of all these things when the going gets tough!

Love you Small Fox