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Ombre Kissing Balls

Ombre Kissing Balls

Lately I have noticed the word “Ombre” everywhere!  It took me a while to figure out what exactly it was.  Then I realized it is the same color but different shades.  It is SO fun.  I had started these kissing balls awhile ago, but they hadn’t been finished.  I noticed that the floral embellishments that I had purchased had different shades of the same color, so I decided the last two kissing balls would be in the Ombre style.  Really I just wanted to get on this new trendy craft bandwagon:).  These are REALLY simple and, once again, cheap!  The total cost for these were $6!!  Here are all the deets on how to make some of your own:

  • Glue Gun {Free}
  • Foam Balls $1 for 4 {Dollar Tree}
  • Floral Embellishments $2.50 each – $5.00 {Michael’s Clearance} – They are in the scrapbooking section by Recollections
    Step One:
    Pick the middle shade and start gluing a row in the center.  I glued a row in the center, then one above and one below.  I continued gluing above and below until it looked like I had an even amount of uncovered foam left over on the top and bottom.
    Step Two:
    KEEP GLUING!  As you can probably tell this isn’t the Ombre style kissing ball…but hopefully it gives you at least the idea.  Just keep gluing…just keep gluing.  Don’t worry if you see foam peaking out.  You can always go back and insert flowers where you see gaps or if you want a more full look.
    And that’s it!!!  Sit back and admire.  I had a few straggling lollipop sticks so I decided to put my kissing balls on those so I could put them in one of my painted jars, but they would also look totally cute in a bowl as well!
    They Just make me smile:)

Super Easy Fall Decor


I am getting the itch for fall and am SO over all the 90+ degree weather Colorado has been having for most of the summer. So, I decided to start the fall crafting in the house to hopefully change my bad attitude. My crafting time is limited {as with most moms}, so I wanted something quick, easy, and cheap. For our wedding we received some hurricane candle holders. I LOVE them, but always seem to draw a blank when it comes to putting stuff in the vase part. For the longest time they were home to black rocks we used at our wedding, then some small Christmas ornaments, and for the past 9 months have sat sadly vacant. While walking through Michael’s I stumbled upon some fall garland. Sparkly, shiny red, orange and gold maple leaves attached to wire. Seeing that inspired me to make these. It seriously is only 3 steps and they make me smile every time I see ’em!




I told you it was easy…Right!? And it only cost $3.99. Obviously it would cost a little more if you needed to purchase the vases, but you could really use anything. I was thinking they would even look cute in mason jars with LED tea lights in the bottom. Oh, the endless possibilities;)