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Made {it} Monday – Bat Dad and Bat Baby T-shirts

Made {it} Monday – Bat Dad and Bat Baby T-shirts

Every weekend my husband gets baby duty in the morning, so Mommy can sleep in a bit.  He gets Baby E up, dresses, feeds, and plays with him.  My Husband has a FAVORITE onsie for our little man.  It is a Batman onsie from Old Navy for 3 – 6 month olds.  Baby E is now almost 9 months old and needless to say Batman is looking less than Stellar on him!  So, I had the perfect idea for a birthday present for my husband.  I had purchased a plain black baby t-shirt at Hobby Lobby a while back and hadn’t done anything with it.  Then I was at Target doing some shopping and saw a distressed Batman T-shirt similar to this.  A little light bulb went off in my head…I will buy my husband the Batman t-shirt at Target and re-create the image for Baby E and they can be matching Superheros!!!  Then I   gotquickly realized they were all out of my husbands size t-shirt.

So…I decided to make my husbands t-shirt too.  Here is what you need to make the men in your life Superheros!!

  • 1.) Men’s Black T-shirt – I used this one {except the V-Neck Version)
  • 2.) Baby’s Black T-shirt – Any Craft Store has them…don’t forget a coupon:)
  • 3.) Freezer Paper {For a Stencil} – I only can find this at Wal-Mart…but it will last Forever!
  • 4.) Yellow Fabric Paint – I got Tulip Matte Finish Because I wanted a distressed look
  • 5.) Scissors, Iron, and Sponge

I first found out how to use freezer paper as a stencil from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar.  Hers is the BEST in depth tutorial on it.

I cut my Batman Stencil out on my Silhouette, but Batman is such a simple design it would be easy to free hand onto the freezer paper.  Once I had ironed the image onto my shirts I got my sponge and paint out.

I squirted some paint onto some left over freezer paper scraps, dipped my sponge and blotted the image on to the t-shirt.  I made sure not to get the paint on too thick to make sure it looked distressed.

Then I removed the freezer paper and VIOLA!  It seriously took like 30 minutes for both t-shirts…and both only cost $12…can’t beat that.

Let me know if you have questions…I didn’t take any pictures of the process…I was in a little hurry to get this one finished!!!

The Bat Family...Baby E was not into it!


Bat Dad, Bat Baby, and a Birthday

Bat Dad, Bat Baby, and a Birthday

This weekend was all about birthdays!  My husbands 31st birthday to be exact.  We have this tradition of doing a family dinner at our house one day and then the Husband wanted a UFC friends party on Saturday.  So, these past few days have been about cleaning, cooking, and entertaining…now that it is Sunday I am exhausted {thankfully Bat Dad got up early with Bat Baby today, so mommy got an extra hour of sleep.}

What I really want to share with all of you today are some of the gifts that Bat Dad got for his birthday.  All the gifts from me were fhandmade.  It was really fun to watch him open them.  I really didn’t know what he would think, but I was thrilled that he genuinely liked them all.

Here is  a quick rundown of Bat Dad’s Loot!

Moustache canvas print with Dad and Baby:)

Leather Cover for His "BIG" Gift!

His "BIG" Gift...a Nook Tablet...he was just jealous of my Nook Color 😉

And Now for the Best Gift Of All…{And the reason he is now Bat Dad}…

Matching Batman T-shirts! Handmade and he LOVED them. They wore them all day yesterday! Tutorial coming soon to a blog near you!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

Days of Thanks {6,7, & 8} + Exciting New Adventures!

Time to play some catch up:).  Here are 3 more things I am thankful for:

6.) I am thankful for sleep.  Seems so small and insignificant, but once you don’t get any you realize how much you love it.  Naps and bedtime are my favorite part of my day these days!

7.) I am thankful for my health.  I am very thankful that I am healthy.  That I have had no major health problems and the God has given me the love to run and be active.

8.) I am thankful for the ability to be a Stay-at-Home Mom.  I am thankful that my husband is willing to give up some of the “finer” things in life so that I can stay home and raise our baby.  I am thankful that he wants a wife who is willing to stay at home and encourages me every day especially when it has been a hard one.  There are definately days I wish I could go to work and hand his cranky butt to someone else, but that’s what grandparents are for ;)!


Now that Ethan is 6 months old and getting into some sort of routine…kinda…I have decided to start pursuing some things God has really been putting on my heart.  I love to be creative and I love to love and bless others.  I have started to craft more…which I love…and I have also been introduced to a way to “craft” and bless others at the same time.  I am excited to share this new endevour with everyone and see where it takes me.  As excited as I am, I am also terrified.  I am terrified of failure.  I am terrified of what others may think of me or my “things.”  I have to remind myself that everytime you take a step out of your comfort zone…there will be fear, but I have to also remember that God will be right by my side and encouraging me the whole way!

Psalm 27:1
The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid?

  For a sneak peak at what I am a part of check this out: