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WIN! A Cannon T3 DSLR


I am the first to admit I am lazy. Well I don’t know if it is so much lazy as it is pressed for time. The time it takes to take photos on my little point-and-shoot, load them onto my computer, edit them for a post, and then write the post takes WAY too long. Often the thought of doing all that just annoys me. Recently the Fox household got an iPad and I have been using that to take pictures, edit, etc. It works great, but the quality isn’t amazing. There is ONE thing that would change all of that. If I had one of those fancy shmancy DSLR cameras. They are the bees knees, but trying to persuade Mr. Fox that we NEED one would take a miracle…literally.

However, one of my Blogger friends {and her crew} are doing an AMAZING giveaway of a Cannon T3 DSLR. Sweet C’s Design {and a TON of other AMAAAAZING bloggers} have decided to give one lucky reader a Free Cannon T3 DSLR. Did I mention it was free. You can enter a bunch of times the first time and then get an extra entry every day by Tweeting about the giveaway. There are 8 days left in the contest….PLENTY of time.

Now would this make it any easier or quicker for me to take pictures etc…No. Would I spend less time editing and uploading photos…no. I would actually probably take more time doing that stuff, but I would have a totally cool camera…so it would be cooler 🙂

So, hop on over to Sweet C’s Designs…enter, check out her awesome blog and all the other awesome blogs!

Oh and Good luck {but not too much because I want it:) )