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A Whole New Year!

A Whole New Year!

Well the holidays are over and we are now officially 6 days into 2012.  Every year I try to make some “resolutions”, or goals, to focus on for the upcoming year, but I have a problem.  I like to perform…I am performance driven.  If things don’t go the way I have planned out I get discouraged.  By discouraged I mean I usually quit, give up, throw in the towel.  That is not how I want it to be…but if it isn’t done right {by my standards}…than why do it at all!  Throw a newborn into the mix, and well, nothing ever actually gets done…in a timely matter, or the way I would like.  So, my goal for 2012 is to be nicer to myself.  To cut myself some slack and to do what I can…after all that is all I can do right??  Along with that…here is what I would like to accompish in 2012 {I use the term like very loosely 🙂 }

1.)  Read the Bible {The whole thing}

2.) Actually be a consistent Blogger – this will be hard.  I LOVE to write on it…I LOVE to craft, but I have a hard time fitting it in.  It is probably last on my priority list.  However with the increased sleep I have been getting thanks to Baby E sleeping better {knock on wood} I feel like I could definately fit in more time.  I feel like I have a lot to offer other women and would love to just be able to bless, motivate, and inspire others. 

3.)  Do something for someone else once a month.  Have you ever noticed how great you feel after doing something for someone else??  I love to bless others and want to do that once a month.  Preferably to a stranger. 

4.) Run a marathon – for those of you that know me I am a fitness fanatic {one of the reasons I don’t have the time to blog is because I usually use the time I have to workout 🙂 }  however, I have had to rearrange fitness into my life with a baby.  I still get it done, just not as consistently as before.  So, I would like to make a committment to run a marathon {or another 1/2} in 2012…for myself.  To make myself take time just for me!  Running {or cycling}  is a refuge for me.  It is solace in the craziness of life.  I can focus on God’s Country and his abundant blessings in my life.  I get to zone out, not change dirty diapers, sing nursery rhymes or calm a cranky baby and when I am done I feel invincible.  Re-reading this just makes me smile!

5.) Make something Crafty Once a Week – I get a little overexcited sometimes…especially now with Pinterest.  My Things I Will Make board currently has enough things to make up until I die.  However, I love to create.  It makes me feel good and happy inside.  So, instead of getting overwhelemed with things I want to make and then giving up on making anything.  I would love to focus on one project a week…or month depeneding on how much time the project takes.  Especially with my new Silhouette…my wheels are turning!

Alright…I think 5 is PLENTY.  I will keep you all updated on how my New Years “resolutions” are going.  And to any of you veteran Bloggers, with children…how do you make it work????  All advice welcomed!!