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Painted Jar Tutorial

We collect mason jars like they are going out of style!  We seriously have a TON sitting in one of our cupboards taking up precious storage space.  So, I decided it was time to either do something with them or toss ’em!  I have seen a lot of tutorial on Pinterest on how to paint or tint them fun colors.  This seemed like the perfect craft for me since I need something quick and wanted to add a pop of color to our home decor.  I think this craft took me maybe 20 minutes and it cost a total of $4…seriously it was win-win.


  • Stencils {I found these at Wal-Mart.  You can re-use them and they work GREAT!}
  • Acrylic Paint {Also from Wal-Mart. But you can get them anywhere}
  • Jar {This one is from the Dollar Store}


  • Squirt paint in the jar {A LOT of Paint!}  It took a whole little thing of Artic White Acrylic Paint for this Jar.  Then start to swirl it around so that it covers the whole inside of the jar.  I did multiple squirts of paint.  Some in the bottom.  Some on the side.  Seemed to make it easier to get the jar covered quickly.


  • Once you have covered the inside of the jar with paint find some newspaper…or junkmail;)…and turn the jar upside down to drain.  You will have to  move the jar a couple times to make sure all the excess paint can get out.  This probably took 10 minutes and I moved my jar twice.  I had quite a bit of extra paint, and since I am cheap, I scraped it from the paper back into the bottle :).


  • Once your paint has drained flip the jar right-side-up and pick a place to put your stencil.  I LOVE the stencils I found at Wal-Mart, but I accidentally threw away the package – sorry.  They are so easy to use and you can’t really mess up.  I am stencilly challenged so I was mighty proud of the results!


  • PAINT!  Pick a bright contrasting color and lightly paint over your stencil.  I started with a light coat of blue and then added more to spots that looked like they needed it.  After you are finished painting remove the stencil.  I removed it right away so none of the paint would dry and peal off.


  • Step back and admire your work!  I am not sure what I am going to fill mine with yet, but I also made some Mason Jar ones that I plan on making fabric flowers for.  I do know that I will be making jars like these for Christmas filled with goodies for family and friends.  Just a disclaimer:  The paint I used is not safe for something you may want to eat or drink out of.  It you are going to fill it with goodies I would line it with some parchment paper.




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