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The Monkey, The Cyclist, and the Photo Shoot

The Monkey, The Cyclist, and the Photo Shoot

So, as everyone knows Halloween is coming up…what a better time for a parent of a 6 month old.  You get to dress him in whatever costume you choose and he just goes with it.  So, I decided yesterday to do a trial run of his costumes and take some pictures for the grandparents.  First is the monkey…who can resist the little adorable monkey costumes…with the cute little hat head, the stuffed body,

and the little tail.  

Costume #2…so I am a pretty big cyclist.  I started riding with my dad about 4 years ago and have done 2 Ride the Rockies Tours and 2 Century Rides.  After I got married I got my husband into cycling as well.  My bike hasn’t seen much pavement lately due to pregnancy and taking care of a newborn…but we are all ready with our Chariot bike trailer for next year!  Anyhoo…in Colorado this year the Pro Cycling Tour was born and my dad volunteered.  During this Ethan got a little souvenier.  He received his very first cycling outfit.  I onsie, made of spandex, complete with pockets for snacks and essentials…it is too funny!

Diaper and Bottle ready to ride in back pockets!

Well, the weather for Halloween will probably call for the monkey, but the cyclist will make an appearance!  Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!!!



Up All Night {Literally}

So, I am sure if you are a parent you may have tuned in to the new series, Up All Night, with Christina Applegate.  Let’s just say my husband wasn’t too thrilled with my excitement for this sitcom.  He thought it would hit too close to home with a newborn.  However, we began watching it and absolutely love it and can totally relate and I am pretty sure the other night it saved our marriage.

So this is how it all went down…

It had been a rough day with Baby E.  He had been very fussy and cranky and needy.  Let’s just say mommy didn’t get any “me” time.  I love my baby to death…but mommy goes a little  insane without any me time.  So, needless to say I was looking forward to the run my husband and I had planned post workday.  It was a beautiful 80 degree Colorado day and the last day for a nice run before we were supposed to get pounded with snow.  Slowly as the day went on, the more cranky the baby got, the more tired and cranky mommy got.  By the time runnin’ time got around I was exhausted and about as cranky as the baby. Since Baby E hadn’t napped well I figured what a perfect opportunity to get him to take a little cat nap…our RUN!  He loves the stroller and will usually fall asleep on our runs.  Perfect Plan!

Or So I Thought…

We head out the door around 530pm to run about 6 miles.  We first decided to do a 1.5 mile loop around the neighborhood to get the dog out.  Here is where it all falls apart.  To recap…grumpy baby = grumpy and tired wife.  Husband takes off…without looking back…with the dog.  I have grumpy baby, stroller and grumpy self.  I am thinking “we are supposed to be running together…this is going to be a long 6 miles.”  So, we get around the 1.5 mile loop and back to the house to put the dog back in and head out for our last 4.5 mile loop.  Husband takes the baby and we head out…we run together (thank God) and get about 1.5 miles into our loop…and Baby E starts howling!  So, I stop, take him out of the carseat and start to walk with him and he is happy as a clam.  I tell my husband that I am just going to head back since he seems to be unhappy. He knew how much I needed a run so he suggested we go a little further and then could cut in at the bridge if Baby E started to lose it again.  So, we pack baby back in the carseat and head back out.  So far, so good I am thinking…until another 1/2 mile or so and the screaming returns.  So, what did we do…take him out again and start walking…and walking…and walking…a whole mile home.  By this time it is getting dark, cold, and I am just grumpier than ever.  All of a sudden my husband goes…”this is totally something you would see on Up All Night…two adults…one carrying a baby…one pushing the stroller…in the pitch black.” I couldn’t help but laugh…it was such a “parenthood” situation.  Something that we will always be able to look back and laugh at.

To Blog or Not To Blog…

To Blog or Not To Blog…

So motherhood is a lot harder than I imagined and maybe I just have a more challenging, busy baby.  With the lack of sleep {no my baby does not sleep through the night…and Yes he is almost 6 months old}, and his busy personality, when I get some downtime…I want to do NOTHING!!!  However, I find myself “writing” in my head.  Thinking of things that maybe other mommies and women could relate to, but are too afraid to share or admit.  I love looking at blogs and aspire to be in the likes of some of my favorite…Little Miss Momma, I am Momma Hear Me Roar, and Johnny In A Dress…just to name a few.  The problem is I am still trying to figure out how life works with a baby and honestly, at this moment, I am not ready to give up sleep for a blog…or a craft…or a post.

So, instead of trying to be like them…I am going to be myself and hope people will get something from my posts.  I may not post everyday…or even every other day, but when I do post it will come from my heart and hopefully touch someone elses.  I hope my follower’s will be patient and help and encourage me to keep going…even when the going gets tough.

I know God has great things planned for me and I feel this is just one of them!

I hope you will come visit and follow me at!!